Author Michael J. Collins, MD

What does a doctor do when he realizes he has lost his way?

David Carroll resolves to turn away from his life of money and prestige.

Framed for murder, he flies to a shieling in a remote corner of Scotland.

But David soon learns there can be no escape from the past.

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About The Shieling

Part mystery, part suspense, part romance, The Shieling is Michael J. Collins’ fourth book, following in the footsteps of Hot Lights, Cold Steel, a memoir of Mike’s surgical residency at the Mayo Clinic, Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs, a retelling of Mike’s days as a construction worker trying to get into medical school, and All Bleeding Stops, a novel about a Vietnam War combat surgeon whose care and commitment eventually overwhelm him.

“I had fun writing this book,” Mike says. “More than anything else, The Shieling is a story—a story about two people struggling to put their lives back together after life has treated them unfairly. It is a story I enjoyed telling, and a story I hope my readers will enjoy reading.”

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Praise for Mike’s Books

Collins’ novel is a gut-wrenching and expertly wrought drama, plunging readers into the atrocities of war as well as offering uplifting moments of human connection.
Kirkus Reviews (on All Bleeding Stops)

This is a perceptive, no-frills memoir of a surgeon who succeeded by dint of hard work and brains.
Publishers Weekly (on Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs)

… his innate sense of humor—brilliantly demonstrated in this memoir of his Mayo residency… If Collins’ scalpel is as sharp as his pen, his patients are in capable hands, indeed.
Booklist, starred review (on Hot Lights, Cold Steel)

With the deft precision of a surgeon and the impassioned sensibility of a poet, Michael Collins tells [a] harrowing, heartbreaking tale… God bless Barrett and his creator, Collins, for this riveting story.
—Author Bryan Gruley (on All Bleeding Stops)

Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs is a gripping, humane, humorous and an enlightening read.
—Abraham Verghese (on Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs)

I adore this book. It’s so polished and hilarious. Dr. Collins has my highest admiration. I give this book a 10+!
—Author Tess Gerritsen (on Hot Lights, Cold Steel)