Praise for All Bleeding Stops

Collins’ novel is a gut-wrenching and expertly wrought drama, plunging readers into the atrocities of war as well as offering uplifting moments of human connection.
Kirkus Reviews
With the deft precision of a surgeon and the impassioned sensibility of a poet, Michael Collins tells [a] harrowing, heartbreaking tale… God bless Barrett and his creator, Collins, for this riveting story.
—Author Bryan Gruley
The details are vivid, unrelenting, and impossible to forget. The reader, spellbound, watches as the war in Vietnam consumes a noble heart. I was compelled to read this book in a single sitting.
—Author Ross Pennie

Masterful in his delivery, description, dialogue and character creation, Collins’ skillful writing makes every reader wish the reading would never stop.
—Author Michele Weldon


Mike is the author of two works of non-fiction. His days as a laborer trying to get into medical school are chronicled in Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs. His years as resident and inveterate moonlighter in rural Minnesota emergency rooms are the subject of Hot Lights, Cold Steel. Both of Mike’s books have been included on the required or recommended reading lists at multiple medical schools and pre-med programs.

His latest work, All Bleeding Stops, represents a departure for Mike in that it is a work of fiction. In writing this book, Mike says he hopes to raise awareness of the difficulty doctors face in learning to care for and about their patients. The very qualities—compassion, sensitivity, dedication—that lead young people to a career in medicine, are often the seeds of their own destruction. Sometimes they care too much. “A generation of young men went to Vietnam naive and idealistic,” Mike says. “They returned home broken and disillusioned—if they returned at all. We doctors are often victims of a similar fate. Like soldiers, the things we see and do are often too much to bear. And, like soldiers, not all of us make it back.”